The dashboard of the application gives an overview of the talent market data. It gives a summary of the jobs across different industries in the market, talent market insight news, and the account summary. 
  • Real-time data statistics
  • Comprehensive job market overview
  • Free downloadable market insight reports.The following data is displayed on the Dashboard:



    Vacancies yesterday

    The total number of open vacancies yesterday. This field also shows the percentage increase or decrease in the number of vacancies as compared to the previous day. 

    Vacancies this week

    The total number of open vacancies in the week. 

    Company count this week 

    The total number of companies offering jobs this week.

    Recruiters count this week 

    The total number of recruiters (including both freelance recruiters and staffing agencies)

    Market Overview

    Graphical representation of the total number of jobs every month over a year. 

    Talent Market Insight News

    News/ blogs/ articles related to the talent industry

    Subscription Plan summary

    Usage statistics of the user account. Click ‘Upgrade my plan’ to change the subscription plan.