BD List

Any business development related information like lead information request is saved and shown under the BD List. This information is displayed to you only upon approval from the fatraven administrator. 

Once the status of the request is set to ‘COMPLETED’, a notification is sent to you and the information is displayed.  To view the contact details for the job, click the view icon. It shows the name, email id, contact number and LinkedIn profile of the contact. Newly approved requests are indicated with the word New with the view icon.  

The details requested are as shown below:

Request for contact

For each saved job, you can request to find contact details related to the job. To do so, click the Request for Contact button and confirm.  

The contact details are provided only when the admin approves the request. The details of the requested job are shown under the BD list. 

Alternatively, you can also request for contact from the Jobs page. Click the contact icon in the beginning of the job record and click Request for Contact.