Find Leads

Finding the right leads is the first step in the right direction for a recruiter. This feature allows you to find leads based on:

  • Job Role: position or title of the potential vacancy. 
  • Company: Current employer for the vacancy posted. 
  • Location: Current location of the vacancy
  • Keywords to exclude: Use this field to narrow down your search by specifying keywords to be excluded.
    Note: For any of the fields listed above, use the keyword ‘OR’ to specify more than one field value. For example, to specify multiple job roles, you can specify - Technical Architect OR Technical Lead OR Senior Software Engineer.  

    The search for the leads is done on LinkedIn. Click the ‘Find the right people on LinkedIn button to see the list of leads found based on the search fields.
    You can choose to view the results using LinkedIn or Google. Use the Save button to save the search query for future reference. The saved searches are shown in the right panel on the page.