Find Emails

This tool is used to find publicly available email addresses from any company or website. This helps you find the right people to contact in any organization. It does 

  • Find targeted email addresses from any company
  • Look-up emails on LinkedIn

Enter the domain or company name and click Search.

The search returns contact details like name, email address, department, and a confidence score. The confidence score suggests the genuineness of the email id. The email addresses returned from the domain search are found from various software sources. As a proof, the source of information is always displayed in the returned record. It also shows the last accessed date of the email address on the source. 

By default, the list shows all the email addresses. You can also choose to see only personal or generic email addresses from the list using the radio buttons at the top. 

Personal: Professional email addresses of individuals belonging to the organization.

Generic: Email address aliases for a group of people belonging to a specific team in the organization like  

The search can be further narrowed down using the department filters listed at the top of the page.