Email Verification

This feature is used to verify email addresses for their deliverability without sending an email. This helps improve inbox placement of the emails and thereby improve email campaign performance. It uses different factors to verify the deliverability of an email address like the format of the email address, domain information, response from the mail server, etc.  

Enter the email address in the textbox and click VERIFY

Each verification request gives the following result parameters:

Format: Verification status of the format of the email address.

Type: Type of email id - Professional and Personal

Server Status: Status of the SMTP server associated with the email address. 

Email Status: Status of the email address 

Email verifier gives the following overall results of the verification process:

Status Values



When the email is verified and can be used to send emails. 


When the email address is not valid and cannot be used to send emails.


When the email address may be temporary and sending emails to such address is not advisable.


When the tool cannot confirm the verification due to the settings on the associated domain.  


When the email verification request could not be processed due to some reason.