This feature of the application allows you to search through various job opportunities and leads in the country. This data is real-time which implies that as soon as a new job is published on job boards, it is shown in the job search in the fatraven web application.

The jobs page shows the list of saved search filters by default. 


Search for Jobs

Jobs can be searched using one or more properties or fields of the job like job location, title, date of posting, company, etc. Enter the search words in the search textbox and click Search.


The jobs listed in the search results can be further narrowed down using the posting date options like Past day, past three days, etc shown as tabs above the jobs list. 

Search Rules 

One or more search criteria can be added to the search string to narrow down the search results. Following are some of the rules of the search string format. 

  • When more than one search fields are used, search results consist of jobs satisfying all the criterion based on the search fields. 
  • Use a space between any two search words in the search text box. 
  • Add a ‘+’ to any search field to request only the records that are inclusive of the particular search field.   For example, to search for only senior java developers in Belfast, use the following search string  ‘java developer +senior Belfast’
  • Add a ‘-‘ to any search field to request for only the records which are exclusive of the particular search field. For example, if you want to see job vacancies for a software engineer but not interested in Junior engineer vacancies, use the following search string ‘Software Engineer-Junior’

Search Examples

  • Search by Job Title

Example: “Social +Media -Coordinator Manchester”

Provides job vacancies in Manchester for a social media profile excluding the coordinator profile. 


  • Search by Job Location

Example: “London -XYZCompany”

Provides all job vacancies in London excluding the job vacancies from XYZ company.


  • Search by Company

Example: “XYZCompany +Manchester”

Provides all the job vacancies in XYZCompany in Manchester.


  • Search with multiple keywords

Example: “Business +Development -Manager Birmingham” 

Provides all the job vacancies in Birmingham for a Business Development profile but not that of a  managerial role. 

View Job Details

To view the details of a job, click the job title in the list. It gives a detailed job description from the published job board. 

Save Job

A job in the list can be saved so that it can be visited again in the future. To save a job, click the vertical ellipsis icon at the end of the job record and click Save Job


A saved job is listed under the Save Jobs list in the left panel.

X-Ray Search

For every job listed under the jobs, you can perform an x-ray search which is used to find profiles and contacts for the selected employer and at the selected location. Click the vertical ellipses icon at the end of the job record and click X-Ray search. 

This will perform a search using the company and location of the selected job as shown below:

Flag as Recruiter

You can raise a concern if you suspect a company listed is actually a recruiter. To do so, click Flag as recruiter corresponding to a job in the jobs page. The fatraven admistrators will review the request before actually flagging it.


Register Job Alerts

You can subscribe to receive job alerts in your mailbox. To receive job alerts, perform the required job search and click the Get Alerts button. This sends a daily mail to the registered email address with the search results until the alert is explicitly deleted. 

Note: A user can subscribe for a maximum of five alerts. 

Search Filters

A job search can be saved as a filter so that the same search can be performed again without changing the search criterion or keywords. The job results, however, depend upon the time of execution of the search. This saves you time when doing the search operation repeatedly. 

Create Search Filter

To create a search filter, enter the keywords for search and click Save.


View Existing Search Filters

The existing search filters are shown on the Jobs home page.