1. What services do you provide us with?   

    fatraven provides unlimited vacancy searches, vacancy alerts and it also provides salient features such as Email Finder, Email Verifier, and Lead Request to connect with the hiring managers to establish business contacts.

2. What is fatraven Spotter all about?

    fatraven Spotter is a product that is designed to help recruiters and head hunters leverage their business development opportunities across the UK. It saves time as it directly helps connect with hiring managers.

3. How does fatraven Spotter help clients/customers?

    fatraven Spotter helps by providing near real-time data such as job vacancies, hot jobs that can be received as alerts to the inbox, contact information to connect with hiring managers of businesses to establish business contacts. It also helps in providing company information and the volume of business for each direct employer.

4. Is a free trial available?

    A free trial is available in fatraven Spotter for the basic plan, raven lite for the first 14 days.

5. What is the duration of the free trial?

     The duration of the free trial is 14 days.

6. What is the pricing like for your services?

    We have pricing like rave lite £49, raven pro £79, and raven elite £119 

7. What kind of subscriptions can I get from fatraven?

    The user can access the Email Finder and Verifier request and lead request in 3 different packs - 150/150/10, 300/300/20, and 500/500/50 according to the plan subscription user avails.

8. What are the benefits I can derive from fatraven?

    Over and above our salient features, the user can get access to our bulletin board which has the latest recruitment trends and our free Monthly Talent Market Insights along with interesting articles about recruitment. 

9. What information will I get from a search I run about any company?

    This field is not available as this field needs to be filled out.

10. Is the company website available in the search tab?

      This field is not available as this field needs to be filled out.

11. Would I get the details about all job roles within a company?

      Yes, the user can access all information about all job roles by clicking on the job role which will direct you to the job description for the role.

12. How do I get to know about the employer's contact information on fatraven?

      The user can find the lead contact to any specific company by using the Xray search feature which helps finds specific people on LinkedIn or Google.

13. What is meant by keywords to exclude in the search lead module

      Excluding the keyword is a feature where the user needs to avoid the word in the search field for the job title 

14. Could I get the salary details of any job role?

       At the moment, our app won’t provide salary details for a job role.

15. What data will I get from a job search?

   The user can get the Job Title, Job Type, Location, Name of the company, and the date on which the job was posted.


16. Do I get an alert email from a Fatraven job search?

      Yes, the user can receive an alert mail for the job alerts he has set on the webapp. The user can receive up to 5 alerts at a time. In case the user wants to receive more alerts, the previous alerts will have to be removed and the new ones added to the list.

17. How many times a day will I get an alert email?

      The user will receive an alert mail once a day. 


18. Could I directly apply for a job in the job search tab?

      The users cant apply for a job directly in the job search or through fatraven Spotter.


19. How many jobs can I save from the module?

      The user can save unlimited jobs as required under the Save Jobs tab.