Compare Agencies


1. Date Filter

Here we can filter the data to the desired date marking the start and end dates in the left and the right panel. 

(This is set to show the last 30 days by default)

Click the dropdown at the top right to reveal more preset options for date filters. 

(Note: This is a page-level filter and will change all the values on the page)

You can also quickly set a date using the advanced date filter with the desired starting Month/day/week and Quarters. 

2. Agency Filter 1

We can compare two diffrent agencies using the agency filters, it will display their job postings according to their region and sector. You can select 2 or more agencies to compare and get their detailed stats. 

3. Agency Filter 2

4. Total Jobs

This stacked bar graph displays the total number of jobs posted by the selected agencies by job board.

5. Total Jobs by Sector

This filed display the sectorwise growth and total share of jobs posted for the selected agencies.

Sort Matrics

Clicking on three dots will reveal the sort options available for the same.

6. Total Jobs by Region

This filed displays the region wise growth along with their total share for the selected agencies.

7. Reset Filter

Click the Rest symbol shown above located on the left corner of the Distribution by Region and Distribution by sector table to reset all the values in the table.